Sunday, April 8, 2007


There is nothing more to see here,
the torrent of dirt and water has carried it
all away, far from where we used to stand

and look over the grazing cattles,
none of the proud and resilient grass
or crops which stood parallel to the rising of heat.

the storm has passed, leaving only that distinct
scent, the refuse that we, as children, were taught
to be unwelcome. Yet, we have always sensed,

without knowledge of either physics or chemistry,
a change, that transfer of some intangible thing
which for some reason, we have always known

to be persistence of energy, elusive love between earth
and the air it breathes. as we struggle to rise again,
cold, unnameable terror hides behind the creases

of the ground, among the fine, delicate debris
of surrounding human ruins, beside what we have
yet to save, behind what we have yet to claim.